G-ONAA (99+18)


The return of the Bronco, part 3



In 1991, OV10B Bronco (99+18) took off from Manching for, what was to believed her last ever flight.

Destination, the "Internationales Luftfahrtmuseum Pflumm" in Schwenningen. On 28.06.2006 not only

her but also the faith of the museum turned into an uncertain futur. The museum was hit by a very heavy hail storm,

destoying 90% of the hangars and exhibits. The museum was in need for money not only  for its rebuild, but also to

keep Manfred and Margot Pflumms dream and key point of life, alive. As after every rain, there will be sun again so

also Manfred and Margot were destined for some luck on 16.09.2006. By coincidence, Markus Rheinländer visited

this cosy museum on his ways to Hilzingen airshow, to take some pictures of 99+18 for the GWOBA website. After

hearing about the bad luck with the hail and the uncertain future, a plan grew to sell the Bronco to get money for the

rebuild of the museum. A quick phonecall to Tony de Bruyn was made, who was interested in this deal and a date

for a meeting was fixed.



On 08.10.2006 we met in Schwenningen for a first inspection and Tony signed a contract to purchase the Bronco.



04.12.2006 marked another milestone, as enginesruns were performed, for the first time. Next step was to build a

hangar to bring her in from the cold. But it was not before June 2011, when all needed spareparts were on hand, to

start the restoration.














Margot and Manfred always prepared nice meals to keep us strong




The old engines were replaced by overhauled units and the new glas rear door was installed together with an original

WO seat





After a successful inspection by CAA, 99+18 became officially G-ONAA and received a permit for test- and ferryflight.

On 26.05.2012 she was pulled out of her hangar, for a last time, to continue with engine runs, resulting in a first testflight

 in the evening. The weather conditions were perfect and it was an incredible moment, when Tony lifted her off for the first

 time in almost 21 years. She performed great and all involved were not only happy, but also proud to be part of such a

unique team. We succeeded in what many thought would never happen again and Tony flew again into the milestone

gallery of OV10B history, bringing Bronco No3 back to, were she belongs. To put the cream on the cake, we organised

an air to air sortie with our famous photographer Tom Houquet in the open door of Schwenningens Para Cessna C185,

piloted by our Do27 friend Hans-Jürgen Götz and Markus Rheinländer as guest photographer. An incredible moment to

see her flying in close formation, remembering how all started in September 2006. This is, what you call a perfect day!!!

















On 28.05.2012, G-ONAA left Schwenningen for her new home in Wevelgem, welcomed by alot of Bronco fans and

sister aircraft 99+32.




Some further work and a repaint still needs to be carried out, but this is just the end of a long way to receive a

full permit to flight.


Thanks to all who helped in making this unique story reality!!!


Thanks, Jessie for sending the pictures from our base in Wevelgem!!!